Registration of Private & Charter Yachts

Do you need a European Union flag registration that is valid around the world and is available to all nationalities? We can provide you with a Polish (EU) flag registration. This registration is valid for the lifetime of the boat and therefore you will not need to renew your paperwork. The whole process is very simple, as you do not need a yacht survey and can be done in 7 days if you supply us with the correct documents.
You do not have to be a resident or citizen of Poland or even the EU to register under the Polish flag. Anyone can register a boat under the Polish flag but only EU nationals may hold the boat under their personal names.

IMPORTANT: All documents need to be translated into Polish but we have our own translators and will take care of this for you and it is included in our fee.

Registering your boat in Poland is great value! The registration process does not require too much paperwork, no survey is needed and the best part, it is valid for life! This registration is an actual flag registration and as Poland is a full European Union member, it is valid all over the world.

We can register your vessel within 3-4 weeks.

Any boat that should be commercially engaged as a Charter Yacht under the Polish Flag (either -+24m) should do also the following:

Technical inspection: This is done by PRS (Polish Register of Ships) for boats more than 15 meters long, and for boats up to 15 meters long by PZŻ (Polish Yachting Association). The inspector checks if the boats are built in accordance with standards (if the boat has CE is sufficient and this inspection is a formality only).

After a successfully completed technical review, the reviewing institution issues the document: (a) PRS - Yacht Class Certificate and/or (b) PZŻ - Seaworthiness Certificate.

Security inspection: With either of the above (Yacht Class Certificate or Seaworthiness Certificate) in hand, you submit the boat to be inspected under the respective Maritime Office of the EU country where the boat should be berthed and should be starting/conducting commercial operations within its territorial waters. During the inspection, the yacht is checked for navigational safety, in particular for the safety (and other) equipment that is carrying aboard. The Client would obtain the Commercial Yacht Safety Certificate (or its equivalent). Please note that each country's regulations vary regarding the terms & conditions for subsequently issuing the Charter Yacht License (which follows after the issuance of the Commercial Yacht Safety Certificate).

So, and in order to be absolutely clear, one thing is to commercially register a yacht under a Flag and another to comply with all technical/security requirements in order to obtain the applicable Charter License to conduct chartering out operations.

Polish EU Registration - Highlights:

• Low costs

• No registration survey needed

• No expiry date. Valid for life

• Full EU flag registration

• Accepted worldwide

• No annual yacht taxes

• Ready within 3 weeks

• Ultra-fast procedure available

• No maritime restrictions

• Available AND for commercial yachts

• No Polish translations needed

• Available for all nationalities

• High ranking in the Paris MoU "White List"

Documents required for the Pleasure Registration of a vessel:

✓ The application in Polish – we do this for you.

✓ Bill of sale or original invoice – we translate it into Polish

• CE certificate or Builders certificate with dimensions of the vessel – again we translate it for you

• Deletion of the previous flag if the boat was previously registered – if the boat is brand new we need builders certificate

• Passport copy or company documents (if we set up a dormant European Company for you)

• Certain documents have to be translated into Polish by a Sworn translator - we do this for you.

• Advantages of registering under the Polish flag:

• The Polish flag is valid around the world

• It is an official Flag Registration

• Anyone from any country can register under the Polish flag

• Standard registration in 3-4 weeks

• There is no yacht survey needed if under 24m

• Includes all translations to Polish

• It is Valid for Life!