Registration of Private & Charter Yachts

Do you need a European Union flag registration that is valid around the world and is available to all nationalities? We can provide you with a Polish (EU) flag registration. This registration is valid for the lifetime of the boat and therefore you will not need to renew your paperwork. The whole process is very simple, as you do not need a yacht survey, and can be done in 2-3 days (provisional registration) if you supply us with the correct documents.

You do not have to be a resident or citizen of Poland or even the EU to register under the Polish flag. Anyone can register a boat under the Polish flag but only EU nationals may hold the boat under their personal names.

IMPORTANT: All documents need to be translated into Polish but we have our own translators and will take care of this for you and it is included in our fee.

Registering your boat in Poland is a great value! The registration process does not require too much paperwork, no survey is needed, and the best part, it is valid for life! This registration is an actual flag registration and as Poland is a full European Union member, it is valid all over the world.

We can register your vessel within 3 weeks (permanent registration).

So, and in order to be absolutely clear, one thing is to commercially register a yacht under the Polish Flag and another to comply with all technical/security requirements in order to obtain the applicable Charter License to conduct chartering out operations in a particular country (Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, etc).



EU Polish Yacht Registration - Highlights:


• Low costs for registering your boat, yacht, or jet-ski under the Polish Flag, and also obtaining the Polish MMSI. LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Only 469.00 EUR + VAT (where applicable).

• No Registration Survey needed for boats that are less than 24m

• The Polish Registration is valid for life. No Annual Renewals are needed and no annual yacht taxes are applicable

• It's a Full European Union (EU) flag registration and is fully acceptable worldwide (it is Paris MoU White Listed)

• No maritime restrictions whatsoever

• It's available for boats, yachts, and jet-skis

• Good for private and commercial yachting

• Your Provisional Registration may be ready within 2-3 days (and once you receive the Provisional Registration by email within these 2-3 days, you can print it and you'll have a valid legal document onboard to show it to any Maritime Authority), once all correct documentation is received. The Permanent Registration takes 2-4 weeks and you do not need any boat survey or other time-consuming paperwork to fill up. Upon completion of the permanent registration, the MMSI process begins (approximately 3-4 weeks).

• It is available to all Nationalities. Either EU, EEA, or foreigners (third countries) may qualify to register their boats under the Polish Flag. For all those third-country owners we could organize a legal residence within the EU in order to qualify for registration under the flag.


• Owner's identity document (valid passport) of an individual or proof of identity (valid passports) of the directors in case of corporate ownership

• Proof of Ownership (either a Sales Agreement; commercial invoice; Bill of Sale; Notarial Statement, etc)

• Scanned copy of any of the following (CE Certificate; Tonnage Certificate; Builders Certificate; Survey Report; Yacht's Manual)

• Photos of the outside and the inside (engine room) of the boat, showing its name, engine's serial number, hull number; and CE plate

• CE Design category (A, B, C, D)

• Deletion of the previous flag if the boat was previously registered – if the boat is brand new we need builders certificate

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are certain yacht & boat owners who are having the Polish Flag on their boats since before August 01, 2020. Those registrations were made by a previous Registrar who is currently canceled and as per the new legal Act of the Polish State their validity shall be gradually phased out as per the following time schedule:

  • Those issued before 01.01.2000 on 31.07.2021
  • Those issued between 01.01.2000 to 01.01.2006 on 31.01.2022
  • Those issued after 01.01.2006 on 31.01.2023